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Michael Brown

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Michael Brown is a Radio Engineering Consultant, specializing in FCC applications, signal propagation and interference analysis, and transmitter site construction. He has built or rebuilt dozens of studio and transmitter facilities, and prepared over 1500 FCC applications over the past 40+ years.  He’s also a site supervisor at the “most radioed” FM tower site in Oregon, with 13 stations.  He was certified as a Senior Radio Broadcast Engineer with the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), and is an associate member with the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers (AFCCE). 


Michael is President of Community Media Assistance Project (CMAP), a non-profit organization assisting NCE and LPFM startups.  

He and spouse Betty McArdle have travelled (and often visited radio stations) in 41 countries, most recently in Cuba.

About this Presentation

The LPFM Window – Before, During, and After




  • The basic qualifications for a LPFM licensees

  • The fatal mistakes that can be made when filing an application

  • Understanding the point system

  • What the FCC is looking for on educational statements

  • The quirks of the second adjacent channel waiver

  • The necessary equipment needed by a station

  • What happens at the FCC after the window closes.

  • Q&A from prospective applicants and existing LPFMers.

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