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David Klann

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David Klann got involved in radio when commercial broadcasting still provided the opportunity for employment and broadcast stations operated in the public interest. Klann's career took a left turn when he was bitten by the personal computer bug. While honing skills in information technology he volunteered at Community Radio station WORT in Madison, WI where he helped with the production crew and with the tech crew. Klann moved back to the land in rural Western Wisconsin in the mid 2000's where he built the on-line streaming station From there he and a small cadre of others submitted an application for a full-power NCE station in the 2007 FCC filing window.
Driftless Community Radio received its construction permit in March 2009 and WDRT went on the air on September 17, 2010. WDRT, 91.9fm has been on the air and on-line ever since.
David has since started a consulting enterprise, Broadcast Tool & Die LLC ( helping non-commercial Community Radio stations with their technical infrastructure, notably automation and streaming.

About this Presentation

"Survey of Radio Automation Systems"

The wide array of automation systems is jaw-dropping. In this session,
I'll talk about a few of the more popular systems, and introduce the
"Automation Comparison Sheet" on google sheetz.

I'll also talk about ways in which you can discern your station's
needs, and determine which automation program (if any) is right for
your community.

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