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Eugene Beer


Eugene is a tinkerer in electronics—ever since as a 1 st grader, he helped his physicist dad wind, by hand, the audio output transformers for his DIY vacuum tube HI-FI record player. That was some mean machine. It could blast Beethoven’s 5th all over the neighborhood! Eugene went on to get degrees in Physics and then Electrical Engineering. He spent his career at Bell Labs and AT&T, retiring in 2001 to become an engineer for community radio in Columbus. Eugene’s continuing education is in the
field of Climate Change, where he helps his partner Heather procure melt samples on glaciers worldwide.

About this Session

In today’s world of uncertain times, parts of life we’ve always taken for granted, like reliable electric power, may not be here when we need it. The nice thing about low-power FM is that transmitter power requirements are relatively small and thus affordable power backup systems can be implemented without necessarily needing fossil fuel generators. Eugene will discuss options for doing this including batteries with solar assist. Details on equipment needed will be presented and brought in to be

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