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Max Kelley & Jarret Whetstone


Max Kelley and Jarret Whetstone are the engineering team behind WAYO-LP 104.3FM in Rochester, NY. With independent past experiences at WITR 89.7FM, the Rochester Institute of Technology’s student-run radio station, Jarret and Max met in 2015 when working to design and construct the WAYO studios. Since then, they have put their years of electronics and software knowledge to work building highly-integrated tools and systems for WAYO and other local radio stations.

About this Session

Title: Understanding Your Analog Airchain


Synopsis: We'll start at "what is an airchain?" and understanding how audio flows from your CD player, turntable, etc. into the broadcast console and all of the magic that happens to get that to your transmitter and on the airwaves. We'll examine a few hypothetical examples as well as the airchain at WAYO-LP 104.3FM Rochester which features multiple processing paths for FM, Icecast, and video livestream as well as multiple mix-minuses for phone callers and a live performance studio.


Once we establish a base understanding of how it's all *supposed* to work, we'll then explain how it can break, what sort of symptoms may arise, and how you can use simple, inexpensive tools to troubleshoot and fix your airchain to get you back on the air and sounding great. Common issues that we'll try to cover will include "What's that buzz? Why am I only hearing it in one ear? Why is one side lower than the other? Why is it way too loud or way too quiet?"

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