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Sharon Scott


Sharon Scott is the Co-Founder and General Manager of ART FM / WXOX 97.1 FM Louisville, a noncommercial radio station committed to providing artists and community members access to the airwaves for creative and experimental use. Built with her husband Sean and their son Max, WXOX currently has over 100 volunteer DJs bringing entertainment and new ideas to listeners all over the world.  In addition to the local FM broadcast, the ART FM stream is available worldwide through the website and free WXOX apps.

Scott’s instructional manual Low Power FM for Dummies will be released in October at the 2023 Grassroots Radio Conference.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Sharon Scott grew up on WREK 91.1 FM and began her radio career WRVU 91.1 FM Nashville “The Voice of Vanderbilt University”. After graduating, Scott and her colleagues established WRVU Friends & Family, the nonprofit organization that now operates WXNA on 101.5 FM Nashville.   

Scott is the founder of LPFM Solidarity and the Virtual GRC nationwide networks of community radio leaders. She is a regular contributor to Radio World Magazine reporting on LFPM topics. She also serves on the Board of the Association of Affiliates (AOA) representing over 200 Pacifica affiliated stations. Since the passage of the Local Community Radio Act and the global proliferation of listening online, Sharon Scott sees a bright future for creative broadcasting and a powerful force in community radio united.



                                     Books by Sharon M. Scott include:


                                     Low Power FM for Dummies (2023) Wiley Press


                                     Toys and American Culture (2010) ABC-CLIO

About this session

or the first time in an entire decade, the FCC will be opening Low
Power FM frequencies to nonprofit organizations across the country
beginning November 1, 2023.  Community organizations who miss this
portal when it opens may never have the opportunity to step on to the FM
dial again.  As a means for demystifying the process and encouraging
local organizations to apply, Low Power FM for Dummies, a guide book for
building and developing non-commercial radio stations, will make its
debut at the 2023 Grassroots Radio Conference.   Join author Sharon
Scott and select contributors for a panel discussion, Q&A, and book
release event.   New applicants will get the information they need to
for lift-off and long-time radio practitioners will discover ideas for
improving station culture and enhancing broadcast sound.

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