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Paul Vogelzang

 The Not Old – Better Show is a fascinating, high-energy radio program and podcast of big-name guests, inspiring role models, and exciting topics with entertaining host and credentialed journalist Paul Vogelzang. The Not Old – Better Show has a large and loyal audience of the most desirable consumers ever. Each week, award-winning journalist and host of the Smithsonian Associates Not Old – Better Show, Paul Vogelzang, interviews sports and entertainment superstars, health and nutrition experts, and ordinary people living extraordinary lives, all delivering the message that it's never too late to pursue your passions and create a life of purpose, adventure, and significance.  The Not Old Better Show is the proud host of The Smithsonian Associates Interview Series and the Prevention Magazine Health & Wellness Aging Show and is available online and via terrestrial radio stations nationwide. 

Session Details

Question to Stimulate Strategic Thinking:

Podcast to Broadcast…How to Make The Transition Work for Grass Roots Radio with a Diversity of Voices, Including the 60 + Age Community:


This session will focus on how the local radio community and radio industry can encourage a more seamless integration between podcasting and traditional radio to foster creativity and talent, especially considering the interests of their audience.


Presenter Paul Vogelzang aims to provide a comprehensive view of the podcast-to-broadcast transition with specific insights and strategies that align with the needs and preferences of different audiences, especially among grassroots radio communities, rural areas, and unique radio markets. Focusing on creativity, talent development, understanding listeners, and aiding the discovery of new creators offers a strategic roadmap for the radio industry's future.


Based on Paul’s experience going from ‘podcasting to broadcasting and on industry knowledge and practices, specific data will be shared from relevant market research, broadcaster interviews, and podcast platform analytics.


Paul Vogelzang hosts the Not Old Better Show, Smithsonian Associates Interview series about culture, relationships, health, wellness, and aging for the 60 + age community and their families.  In addition to the Smithsonian, Paul has content relationships with the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, NASA, and other government agencies and organizations, including publishers.  Paul’s latest content and distribution partner is the Hearst Corporation and their Prevention Magazine. Prevention Magazine is a print and online resource for health and wellness topics targeting women and men and focused on healthy aging.

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