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Chris Long

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Chris Long is a dynamic and multi-talented individual with a unique journey that has led him to founding WTSQ 88.1 FM - The Status Quo. With a background in network engineering, desktop & organizational management, and a surprising twist as a critical care registered nurse, Chris brings a diverse skill set to the table that has proven invaluable to the community of Charleston, WV.

Chris's career path took an unexpected turn when, armed with a rebellious spirit and a desire to challenge the status quo, he initially contemplated starting a pirate radio station. However, his adventurous spirit soon found a legitimate route to the FM airways when he discovered the 2013 FCC Low Power FM (LPFM) radio application window. With determination and a bit of humor, he decided to go from a potential "pirate" to a licensed radio broadcaster.

Over the years, Chris has harnessed his technical expertise from the world of network engineering and management to find cost-effective and innovative ways to run a community radio station. His ability to troubleshoot, optimize resources, and adapt to changing technological landscapes has made him a valuable asset in the community broadcasting arena.

As a critical care registered nurse, Chris's compassion, attention to detail, and dedication to the well-being of his patients have seamlessly transitioned into his approach to managing a community radio station. He understands the importance of communication in a volunteer organization and how radio can serve as a lifeline for information, entertainment, and connection.

About this presentation

Chris Long's engaging and informative presentation is a testament to his unique journey and his commitment to helping others navigate the complex world of community radio while keeping a sense of humor along the way. Whether you're an aspiring radio station manager or a seasoned veteran, Chris's insights and cost-effective strategies will leave you inspired and better equipped to make waves in the world of community broadcasting.


  • Create a professional studio & broadcast able to hit your transmitter within a $2000 budget

  • Hands on live demo with hardware + RadioDJ (Free Radio Automation Software)

  • Listing and links to all hardware

  • How to leverage your non-profit status to acquire free software and services such as: Google Suite & Email Services, Microsoft Products, Slack, Canva, & TechSoup

  • Overview of how to stream your station using B.U.T.T and a $20/mo hosting service

  • Tour of WTSQ 88.1 FM Studio

  • Everything in writing: attendees of presentation receive printed guide on everything discussed :)

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