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Vinnie Vineyard

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Vinnie Vineyard is a versatile performer. He has garnered notoriety in radio, music, stand up comedy, professional wrestling and acting. In 2013, the Maryville Daily Times did a piece on Vineyard, suggesting that he possibly is the most interesting man in East Tennessee shortly after he won his party’s nomination for state representative.

Vineyard and his tag team partners “Big Luke” Walker and “El Gordo Gringo” Travis Graves created their own paranormal TV show "Wrestling With Ghosts" which airs on numerous stations. In 2018 he declared that he was running for Tennessee State Governor. He has since created the Paranormal TV shows "It Happened to Me..." "Haunted Graves", and a comedy skit show entitled "Lets Make Love with Big N Funky." Vinnie and his tag team partner "Big" Luke Walker have started writing and producing six movies about some of the legends, myths, and stories surrounding the Great Smoky Mountains in a collection they call "The Smoky Mountain Chronicles". The first movie, "The Hike" is about the Cherokee legend of Spearfinger, and their second movie "WJHC AM" takes a look at a small town southern gospel radio station during the apocalypse. “Camp Smokey” takes a look at what it would be like for a boy to grow up in the Appalachians after the world was taken over by monsters.


Through it all, Vineyard’s first love will always be independent radio. He will be showing his movie WJHC a.m. and speaking throughout the conference. The first part of WJHC AM are bizarre and true stories from his days at working the board for a small Southern Gospel radio station that any disc jockey and board operator could relate to.

     Multiple screenings 

Vinnie will be screening his film on multiple occasions throughout the conference with the audience and will also be a featured speaker at the Show Case of Bands!

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