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Steve Hoffman

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 Steve Hoffman began working in community radio in 1971. Since 2017 he's been Program Director at WOWD-LP, In addition to his WOWD shows, he's produced and hosted radio at WPFW (Washington DC), WDCU/Jazz 90 (Washington DC), (Dallas TX), WRSU (New Brunswick NJ), KPFT (Houston, TX), and WYSO (Yellow Springs OH).   In 1994, he was scriptwriter and music consultant for The Blues Story: Triumph of An American Musical Art Form, a nationally-distributed, award-winning series produced by Radio America.

About this Session



 Community radio prides itself on not being like commercial radio or mainstream public radio. But there are tried-and-true best practices that apply to all radio programming; community radio hosts should utilize them.  This lively presentation offers 20 suggestions to improve the content of your station's shows, be they music or talk. Program directors and station managers can incorporate these in training their DJs. 



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