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Max Selby


Max Selby is a co-founder of WXOX 97.1 and WXND 100.9  FM.  These noncommercial radio stations located in Louisville, Kentucky, open the airwaves to community members for creative and experimental use.  A high school student, Max designed the WXOX Next Wave Radio Academy, a radio training ground that prepares other teenagers for a life in radio.  At the Academy, students learn the FCC rules and technical skills they need to become professional broadcasters. Outside of the radio world, Max is an avid student that enjoys music, art, lacrosse, and skating.

About This Session

Next Wave Rising: Establishing a Teen Radio Academy at Your Community
Presenters: Sharon Scott and Max Selby of WXOX

This workshop, designed by WXOX Station Manager Sharon Scott and Next
Wave Director Max Selby, guides participants through the steps of
creating a Teen Radio Academy at their own community radio stations. 
During this session, attendees will develop a custom program that
provides local students with the FCC training and hands-on radio
experience necessary for becoming professional broadcasters. Emerge from
this workshop with tips for recruiting, engaging, and amplifying the
voices of youth in your community.

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